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New Product planning

Prior to serial production of serial production of every newly introduced component, we conduct process and product testing. Being a responsible supplier on a demanding market, we start the production after the client's approval and final consent in order to avoid any misunderstandings (PPAP).

We adhere to the procedure for potential Failures Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). A team of experts specialized in all necessary areas takes part in that procedure and its implementation enables us to maintain the achieved quality standards. All materials used in the production are registered in the International Material Data System (IMDS) and marked with the appropriate labels in compliance with the industry regulations and requirements.

Production monitoring is performed by the QAD/MFG system. The EDI system for communication with clients is in implementation process. We have also introduced Measurement System Analysis (MSA) with 0.5 mm tolerance that guarantees high-precision manufacture and exceptional quality of the final product.

The packaging is in compliance with the client's requests in order to deliver an undamaged and representative product.