Kostel promet


Kostel Promet is located on an area of 5 500 m². Production accounts for 2 600 m² and storage covers 500 m². All equipment is owned by the company except the equipment used for packaging and transport preparation. Our truck provide daily delivery services to the business partners. Today, Kostel Promet is a 100% EU Export Company with capacity of additional growt.

As exporters, we have always operated in a manner fully compliant with the norms, standards and terms common in international trade.

Warehousing is governed by the FIFO system. Properly timed signalization constantly provides accurate insight into the state of the warehouse, so if any unit is missing, this is communicated quickly and efficiently. That automatically ensures timely ordering of sufficient quantities of necessary materials and prevents delays in production.

Delivery of goods is defined by and in compliance with the official rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Incoterms).

The packaging is in compliance with the client's requests in order to deliver an undamaged and representative product.